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Small Scratching

Modern design scratching posts and scratching furniture for cats and yours.

As an indispensable retreat, scratching posts are well-known to every cat owner. Our scratching posts offer lots of playtime fun, a climbing paradise, and a resting place to enhance your cat's quality of life. They come in various sizes and shapes, featuring multiple levels and areas that provide your cat with numerous opportunities to play and relax. CatS Design scratching posts also have additional features like integrated toys, hideaways, or litter boxes, combining many essential products into one.

We offer a wide range of modern scratching furniture made from high-quality and eco-friendly materials like wood and sisal. Our scratching furniture provides the best solution for your well-being and that of your cats, creating a new living culture with comfort and high quality of life.

Furniture or scratching post?

Why not both? Scratching posts can also serve as furniture when designed in a timeless style and equipped with many practical scratching and lounging areas for your cats. Scratching furniture for cats doesn't have to look dull, especially when it can be perfectly integrated into the existing decor.

CatS Design scratching posts are designed to blend seamlessly into any modern living environment. With striking designs and colors, they can also serve as decorative elements in the room.

The centerpiece in a cat household

Cats are natural hunters and love to climb trees. A scratching post is an ideal substitute for all cats that want to express their playful nature indoors. This way, your cat can easily train and play at home. Our scratching furniture perfectly fulfills the basic need for scratching and climbing, just as they would in nature (e.g., on trees). By using the scratching post, cats can meet their daily exercise needs and burn off excess energy through unlimited climbing and scratching. The holistic fulfillment of the needs of both cat and human is the clear focus in the development and manufacture of our scratching posts. The bright, appealing design in a cat-friendly aesthetic accentuates the decor of your living space. Thus, the scratching post becomes both a climbing tower and a retreat.

Important criteria for selecting a scratching post include the space you have available in your rooms and your existing decor. If your rooms have plenty of free floor space, you can set up a large scratching post with a stable base, lounge platform, cat bed, or litter box. With an integrated sisal section, these scratching posts offer your cat horizontal scratching opportunities in addition to the sisal posts. For smaller apartments and rooms, wall-mounted scratching furniture that leaves the floor space free or stands on the floor with a slim sisal post is suitable. Alternatively, or in addition to the scratching post, you can create a complete climbing wall. This preserves free living space and creates a minimalist look.

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